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Blizzard has announced that there will be a 4th level of difficulty in the upcoming release of the Diablo 3 game.  This 4th new level of difficulty will be the Inferno level and Inferno mode will be available after completing all three of the previous difficulty levels.  In order of difficulty from easiest to hardest Diablo 3 will feature :
      -Normal Level
      -Nightmare Level
      -Hell Level
      -Inferno Level

Player Characters Vs. Monster Levels In Diablo 3

Normal, Nightmare, and Hell difficulty levels were all availabe in Diablo 2, the predecessor to Diablo 3.  In Diablo 3 we will see a major change to the character and monster level ratios we saw in Diablo 2.  This new Inferno level difficulty will be much harder than the old end-game content of Diablo 2.  In Diablo 3, player characters will be able to advance to the maximum of level 60.  The weakest monsters in Diablo 3's Inferno level difficulty are level 61+.  This is quite a change when compared to Diablo 3, where most end game monsters were level 84-85, while player characters we able to advance to level 99.  So it will be much harder to farm for items to sell in Diablo 3.

Why Inferno Level ?

Blizzard has stated that the addition of the Inferno difficulty level is to provide much more viable end game content.  This allows Blizzard to design the Inferno level as an entire level with replay value, instead of just farming 1 or 2 areas over and over as in Diablo 2.  We will be able to farm the entire gaming world on Inferno difficulty.  This is great for replay value as well as easing the gold and item farming grind monotony.  
Blizzard has also released the information that each level of difficulty will have their own unique sets of gear and items.  There will be new sets of items and gear that only are available within the Inferno level of Diablo 3.  We can safely assume that the items from Inferno difficulty will be the ones that sell for the most as they will be some of the best items available.  Items from other levels of difficulty will still sell as each item is only useable after completing specific character levels or difficulty levels.

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